Explore Gran Canaria on a Buggy Trip

Gran Canaria is a beautiful Spanish island with diverse landscapes, including beautiful beaches, tall mountains, and local villagers treasuring their culture.

It attracts tourists looking for adventure and serenity since it offers a wide range of activities, a rich cultural heritage, and a vibrant nightlife.

Although bus and jeep tours are the best way to explore the island, touring Gran Canaria on a buggy is an exciting and distinctive experience.

Travellers can go off the beaten road with buggy and explore secluded locations and undiscovered areas that are inaccessible by regular vehicles.

Along with providing an exciting adventure, the rough terrain and twisting trails on the island add a cherry on the cake.

Buggy tours provide a sense of independence while providing an experience to feel Gran Canaria’s natural beauty.

Whether travelling alone or with friends and family, a buggy trip ensures lasting memories with breathtaking landscapes.

You can hire buggy safari Gran Canaria from Club Canary tour company. The safari excursion lasts for 2.5 hours. They have public and private buggy tours and the price for each may vary.

You can also take your kids along (5 years and above) on this tour. The company is known for its 5-star service and affordable price.

Best Buggy Tours in Gran Canaria 

Buggy Pirates Tour

Discover the beauty of Maspalomas and the hills and valleys of Ayagaures. Rent a buggy and navigate uneven tracks while spotting the breathtaking views of the coastline. Try skidding on a beach track and spreading sand all over the road.

Buggy in Bahia Feliz

This way of exploring rough terrain and providing an exhilarating off-road experience is ideal for those who love some adventure in life. Start close to Bahia Feliz, a common pickup location.

Family Buggy in Gran Canaria

Select a buggy with two, three, or four seats for a beautiful ride across the mountains and valleys.

Visit a traditional Canarian village, which is great for a family tour where they can talk to villagers and learn about their culture and go for a food tour.

Buggy Safari Tour 

Set out on a safari-style excursion through forests and parks that starts and stops at Playa del Inglés. For more excitement, combine the excursion with a one-hour jet-ski safari.

Anfi Buggy Tour

It is the only trip that begins and ends at Anfi Beach in the Mogán district. Discover the southwestern coastal regions, hills, as well as valleys between Arguineguin and Puerto Rico.

Booking a Buggy Tour in Gran Canaria 

  • Find respectable Gran Canaria buggy tour providers by doing some research. This may take some time as you will have to pick the provider with the best deals and availability.
  • Pick a tour based on your choices and interests.
  • Contact the operator by using their website, email address, or phone number. Confirm the availability by providing them with time and date for the tour you want to take.
  • Make a reservation for your buggy excursion by sending the required information and deposit money in advance. Receive a confirmation of your reservation that includes information about the tour and carry it at the time of the trip as evidence.

A personal ride is way more exciting than a bus tour. You can explore hidden places and halt for some time at any place.

Choose a buggy tour from a renowned provider and check all legal documents required at the time of booking.


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