Where to Go to Witness Spain’s Carnival Celebrations?

Fall in Spain, particularly October, offers mild, sunny days and cool evenings, ideal for exploring both indoor and outdoor activities.

Experience local ferias in towns like Costa del Sol, enjoy film festivals, and catch the start of Madrid’s bullfighting season. Immerse yourself in Spanish culture and traditions at various events across the country.

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Which are the best cities for Carnival?

Discover Spain’s diverse Carnival celebrations to suit your preference, from lively to subdued. This guide provides insights to help you choose the city that matches your desired atmosphere for a memorable experience.

1) Tenerife

Tenerife is home to a glitzy Carnival celebration that is frequently compared to the well-known Rio de Janeiro event.

Warm weather adds to the attractiveness of this southern city’s lavish and energetic festival, which is the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which radiates a vivid and happy atmosphere.

2) Cadiz

Cadiz’s Carnival stands out for its distinctive offerings, including complimentary sea urchin tastings for attendees, along with a blend of music and comedy.

Known for its “light-hearted” ambiance, the event in this city promises a festive experience filled with joy and merriment.

3) Sitges

The Carnival in Sitges is renowned for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, especially popular within the town’s large gay community.

Expect exhilarating events, a grand parade, and the Sitges Gay Carnival held four days before the main festivities, featuring extravagant parties in gay bars.

4) Madrid

If you ever visit Madrid during the Carnival days, then you will find there are lots of celebrations all around the city. Chueca neighborhood will offer a special flavour due to the presence of LGBTQ population.

5) Ciudad de Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo’s Carnival event stands out among Spain’s celebrations, eschewing parades and vibrant costumes for a unique bullfighting spectacle.

Here, the public is encouraged to participate in engaging with a young bull, offering a distinctive and thrilling experience for those visiting the city.

6) Vilanova

Vilanova’s Carnival traditions persisted even under Franco’s regime, with festivities starting off with a lively meringue fight on Thursday and lasting until midnight on Fat Tuesday.

The processions showcase locals donning traditional attire, honouring the town’s rich cultural heritage.

7) Barcelona

Although not widely recognized for its Carnival festivities, Barcelona hosts an annual grand parade worth attending, taking place on Carnival Saturday instead of Sunday.

The event kicks off with the arrival of King Carnival, culminating in a symbolic sardine burial akin to the tradition in Madrid.

8) Villanueva de la Vera’

Villanueva de la Vera’s Carnival features a unique tradition cantered around the giant puppet known as the Peropalo, which is symbolically “brought to justice” during the event.

The streets come alive with drinking and the curious sight of a paraded donkey, adding to the town’s mysterious and intriguing festive atmosphere.

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