Do You Know About a Few Incredible Things You Can Do in Komodo National Park?

Exploring Komodo National Park offers adventure, from encountering Komodo dragons to immersing yourself in breathtaking landscapes with lush vegetation and pristine waters. You can also know a few tips when you plan your tour to Bali through Best Time To.

In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the top experiences in Komodo and Flores.

What can you do while visiting?

1. Hike Padar Island

The favorite activity in Komodo National Park is hiking to Padar Island’s summit. A 25 to 30-minute uphill trek rewards you with breathtaking views of distinct beaches with black, pink, and white sands.

2. Swim with Manta Rays

Swimming with wild Manta Rays at “Manta Point” is a top Komodo National Park experience. 

While sightings are not guaranteed, the chase and swimming alongside them provide an exhilarating thrill. Remember to respect their natural habitat.

3. Visit the Pink Beach

Pink Beach in the Komodo Islands offers a dreamlike scene with a Jurassic Park-like Mountain backdrop and cotton candy-pink sand derived from coral. Use reef-safe sunscreen to aid coral conservation.

4. Trek Kelor Island

The brief trek up Kelor Island is a must in Komodo National Park for its stunning views of the surrounding islands, azure waters, and secluded white beach. Ideal for a quick swim or snorkel.

5.  Chill on Taka Makassar sand bank

Taka Makassar, a pink teardrop-shaped sandbank in Komodo National Park, offers a unique and ever-changing landscape. Perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing, but beware of the intense sun with no shade.

6.  View Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island or Rinca

A must-see in Komodo National Park: Komodo Dragons on Rinca and Komodo Islands. Giant, unique lizards protected by UNESCO. Guided visits are advised due to their size, cannibalistic tendencies, and venomous bite.

7. Get on a sandbar

Exploring sandbars in Komodo’s crystal-clear waters is a delightful activity. Beware of the lack of shade, wear a hat, and monitor tide times for a safe and enjoyable experience.

8.  Go diving

Komodo National Park offers excellent diving opportunities with a fee of 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah (approximately $7), excluding equipment and boat costs. Batu Balong is a popular spot for both snorkeling and diving.

9. Visit Rangko Cave

Near Labuan Bajo, Rangko cave boasts stunning, super-salty blue waters, perfect for swimming. Accessible only by boat, it houses a natural blue pool—an unmissable experience.

10. Go to Komodo Village

To taste local life, visit Komodo Village, home to around 300-350 residents. While limited in activities, you can buy wooden Komodo carvings crafted by skilled artisans.

11. Hike Komodo

Exploring Komodo Island with a guide is a must to see Komodo dragons safely. Hiking trails vary in length and difficulty, with the Gunung Ara hike offering stunning bay views. 

Don’t miss Pink Beach for its pink sands and excellent snorkeling. Sandbars around Komodo provide unique water experiences, but be sun-aware. 

March in Bali can swing between wet and dry weather, thanks to the unpredictable nature of the weather during this time. 

However, it is a relatively quiet month for tourism, making it the best time to visit Bali when travelers can face less crowd and enjoy the visit.


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