5 Amazing Walking Tours of Shillong

Walking tours are an excellent way to explore the vibrant city of Shillong. The city is known for its beautiful natural scenery, rich culture and diverse cuisine, making it an ideal destination for walking tours. Also, walking tours help you explore beyond the ordinary as you get an opportunity to instantly connect with locals and strike meaningful conversations.

The city is home to several important landmarks such as the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians, the Shillong Peak and the Don Bosco Museum. Walking tours are a perfect way to explore these landmarks and learn about the city’s lifestyle. Also, you can find many hotels in Shillong at budget-friendly prices for a comfortable stay in the city.

5 Best Walking Tours in Shillong are – 

  1. The Shillong Heritage Walk

When in Shillong, you have to take the famous heritage walk to best understand the city’s vibrant culture and fusion of history. Led by experienced local guides, this walking tour takes you through the city’s most iconic landmarks and attractions offering a unique insight into the region’s rich heritage.

The tour typically starts at the Shillong Peak and proceeds to the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians. You get insights into the history and significance of each location. You also get an opportunity to explore the bustling markets, connect with locals and understand the significance of various heritage destinations. 

It is a good idea to book hotels in Shillong for a comfortable stay. The tour might also cover Ward’s Lake, a picturesque man-made lake surrounded by gardens. Also, Don Bosco Museum and State Central Library are sure to be a treasure for you to witness the historical background of Shillong.

  1. Laitumkhrah Walk

Taking a walking tour of Laitumkhrah in Shillong is a fantastic way to explore this vibrant neighborhood and experience the local culture up close. The walking tour takes you through the lively streets of Laitumkhrah which is an amazing way to see and feel the energy of the area firsthand. 

One of the highlights of the walking tour is the food scene in Laitumkhrah. You can witness various local landmarks including the historic All Saints’ Cathedral, an impressive example of gothic architecture. 

The tour is all about exploring markets for shopping options and connecting with locals in the vicinity. It is one of the best ways to explore the everyday lifestyle on foot. Make sure to book budget-friendly hotels in Shillong for a fulfilling journey.

  1. Shillong Nature Walk

Shillong is blessed with mystical beauty of nature with cascading waterfalls, rugged mountains and so much more! In such a case, it is impossible that you do not go for a Shillong nature walk with the best people around. 

Various companies arrange a guided nature walk covering different parts of Shillong. You might also get a chance to soak yourself in the beautiful waterfalls of the city. It is generally a three hour guided tour where you can enjoy different landscapes and cliffs. 

The tour helps you explore the east Khasi hills district and some parts of Meghalaya. Most of the time, it includes trekking to some of the small peaks starting from Laitkor Catholic Church. The Walk gets even more mesmerizing as you go through the Shillong view where you can watch the picturesque city from the top.

  1. Colonial Walk

You can witness Shillong’s rich history via its various colonial structures. Since the city has a British influence, you can find various colonial walks conducted by different companies in Shillong. The colonial walk takes you to various heritage sites to experience the vibrant culture. 

You also get an opportunity to witness the beautiful amalgamation of old style British architecture with today’s city life of Shillong. It is indeed one of the best ways to understand the social and cultural aspects of the city. 

The best part about the walking tours is a storyteller who entertains you throughout the trip with secrets of Shillong. Lady Hydari Park, Elephant Falls and Don Bosco Centre Museum are generally included in such colonial tours. Try to book Treebo Shillong hotels for a good resting time after the tour.

  1. Shillong Food Tour

Taking a food tour through the streets of Shillong is an excellent way to experience the city’s food culture. Since Shillong experiences a mix of modern culture with tribal settings, you are sure to get a burst of flavors here. Most food walking tours take you through the famous streets known for their delicacies.

One of the must-try dishes in Shillong during the tour is Jadoh. This dish is made with rice and meat and cooked with a blend of aromatic spices. It is a popular dish in the Khasi community. Since it is a local dish, you cannot miss this one!

Another popular dish that you must try on your Shillong food tour walk is the Tungrymbai. This dish is made with fermented soybeans and served with steamed rice. If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely try the Pukhlein. You are sure to have a great time exploring the pungent flavors and cooking techniques here.

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The thrill of walking tours in Shillong lies in the chance to explore the city’s natural beauty, rich culture and vibrant street life at your own pace. Whether you are a nature lover, history buff or foodie, walking tours in Shillong have it all for you! 


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